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December 2020Vol. 21, No. 9Relentless for Families

This edition of CBX focuses on the need to be relentless in the pursuit of a dramatically different vision for child welfare in the United States. It features articles from some of the most relentless voices in the field. At times, some of the contributors to this edition have found themselves in direct opposition to one another. This is not one of those times. There is unprecedented unity among individuals with lived expertise, advocates, child welfare administrators, public health officials, attorneys for children, parents, judges, researchers, professional membership organizations, and others who care for and about children, youth, and families that we must push to achieve a true child and family well-being system. There is growing insistence that we must do all we can to support families and reduce the need for contact with formal child protective services. There is a growing consensus that we must do all we can to avoid unnecessary family separation. The voices included in this addition have been fierce advocates for justice, new approaches, and accountability. They are individuals who hold strong to principles even when it is not popular to do so. Some have started movements. Others will be our future leaders. It is relentless individuals like those contributing to this edition that have helped bring us to the critical juncture we face as a field. They, and scores of others, will be needed to keep us moving forward boldly so we become a vastly more just, equitable, and human system that prioritizes family integrity, family support, and healing.

News From the Children's Bureau

We feature letters from Jerry Milner to child welfare leaders on the needs and concerns of young leaders and the importance of ensuring families have access to the judicial system during these challenging times, an update on the Institute for Family and how to subscribe to its new webinar series, a Philadelphia program that recently added a peer advocate to its wraparound services, recent research about how parental substance use affects child welfare, new contributions from the Capacity Building Center for States, and more.