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Dec/Jan 2011Vol. 11, No. 10Safety Management in In-Home Services

In-home safety management is a viable option to foster care placement for many families that become involved in the child welfare system, according to an article from ACTION for Child Protection. In-home safety management services are based on the least intrusive approach to intervention that will ensure a child's safety. ACTION for Child Protection conducted a number of case reviews that show the following common issues that child protection agencies face as they revamp their in-home services programs:

  • Clarity about defining an in-home services safety plan
  • Low use of in-home services as an option to manage impending danger
  • Distinguishing between in-home safety services and treatment services
  • Parental compliance with in-home services safety plans
  • Predisposition by CPS staff to remove children
  • The lack of in-home safety services

The article concludes with a model of an in-home services safety plan adapted from a real case. The plan specified who would serve as safety providers, each safety provider's relationship to the family, their capacity to protect, and where and when they would provide safety services. Elements that contributed to the plan's success included the following:

  • The caseworker included the caregivers in deciding who participated in the plan to ensure the children's safety.
  • There was a good rapport among the caregivers and the caseworker.
  • The plan covered times when danger to the children was most likely to occur.
  • The plan included community members such as a teacher and church friends as safety providers.

To read In-Home Services as Safety Management, visit the ACTION for Child Protection website: (94 KB)