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September 2019Vol. 20, No. 7Parent Engagement Toolkit

Children involved in child welfare are often at high risk of dropping out of school or not graduating. American's Promise Alliance offers a toolkit for organizations and community leaders interested in engaging parents and including their voice in the planning and development of local and state action plans to address the issue of dropping out of school. Child and family engagement is an outcome assessed by Child and Family Services Reviews.

This toolkit is organized by the key transition points in a child's education: entry into elementary school, going from elementary to middle school, and going from middle to high school. The following are the four priorities within each transition that are important to attaining educational success, each influenced by parents, educators, community-based providers, and students:

  • Attendance every day—Make sure children regularly attend school.
  • Achievement every year—Make sure children have the supports they need to make progress at school.
  • Attainment over time—Set high expectations and make plans for attaining children's long-term goals.
  • Advocacy for all—Empower parents and families to improve opportunities for excellence in education.

The toolkit also provides resources on how to effectively reach out to parents, incorporate their voice, and engage them in the development of strategies leading to improved educational outcomes for children.

Parent Engagement Toolkit is available at