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December/January 2024Vol. 24, No. 10Considerations for Researchers Working in Indigenous Communities

A resource from the Center for Native Child and Family Resilience, Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Considerations for Researchers Working in Indigenous Communities, emphasizes the importance of approaching research in tribal nations with cultural humility—a fundamental element of building trust and fostering productive research relationships—and a deep understanding of Indigenous research norms and methods. The resource covers four essential skill and knowledge areas: sovereignty, reciprocity, relationship building, and permission.

Each of the four skill and knowledge areas highlight available training and resources for researchers that can provide insights into conducting research that aligns with Indigenous values and principles and is rooted in respect. Additionally, researchers are encouraged to seek guidance from Indigenous individuals with experience in conducting research within their communities, as they can offer valuable perspectives and mentorship.

Notably, the webpage offers a framework to guide researchers in engaging effectively and respectfully with Indigenous communities. This framework can help researchers navigate the complexities of Indigenous research, ensuring that their work is ethical, culturally sensitive, and contributes positively to the well-being of Indigenous people.

Access the full guide, including videos and suggested reading, on the Center for Native Child and Family Resilience webpage titled Starting the Journey: Initial Considerations for Researchers Working in Indigenous Communities.

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