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June 2023Vol. 24, No. 5Building Systems of Care Online Training

A free, interactive course on building systems of care (SOC) is now available on the Innovations Institute website. The self-paced curriculum looks at SOC in the context of health systems change, with a focus on child welfare reform. It contains the following 17 modules that deliver comprehensive training on SOC principles, policies, practices, and system design approaches; emphasize the importance of equitable practices; and include current state and local examples:

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Systems of Care
  • Module 2: Family Partnership
  • Module 3: Youth Engagement Partnering With Youth to Improve Services and System
  • Module 4: Achieving Health Equity Through Cultural and Linguistic Competence
  • Module 5: A Population Focus
  • Module 6: Service Delivery Systems and Related Reforms
  • Module 7: Planning, Management, and Governance
  • Module 8: Array of Services and Supports Within a System of Care
  • Module 9: The Importance of Mobile Response and Stabilization Services
  • Module 10: Residential Interventions Within a System of Care
  • Module 11: Structuring a Care Coordination Continuum and Wraparound
  • Module 12: Screening, Assessment, and Evaluation Approaches in Systems of Care
  • Module 13: Financing Systems of Care – A Strategic Approach
  • Module 14: Financing Systems of Care – Financing Strategies
  • Module 15: Purchasing Tied to Quality Goals and Provider Network Development
  • Module 16: Data-Driven Systems of Care
  • Module 17: Increasing Impact by Engaging Your Audience

Between .5 and 1 continuing education credits are available from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work upon the successful completion of each module.

The course, "Building Systems of Care", and many others are available through the Institute’s learning management system. To access training and other learning opportunities, sign up for a free account on the Institute’s website.