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June 2023Vol. 24, No. 5Guide Outlines Kin Caregiving Options

A recent tip sheet developed for kin caregivers by the Grandfamilies & Kinship Support Network provides a brief overview of the different caregiving options, the questions and concerns associated with each option, and where families can go for help. The needs and considerations present when a related or kin child is placed with family vary depending on whether the caregiving arrangement is formal (through the child welfare system or family court) or informal (without agency or court oversight), such as when a parent leaves a child with a grandparent or other relative.

The 2-page guide discusses important legal aspects, including retaining legal representation, establishing power of attorney or similar decision-making authority, and collecting other needed documentation like birth certificates, health and school records, and more. The tip sheet also links to a variety of helpful resources, such as GrandFacts: State Fact Sheets for Grandfamilies, and offers a short section on technical assistance tips for professionals working with kin caregivers and grandfamilies.

Legal Options for Grandfamily & Kin Caregivers is available on the Network’s website.