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November 2023Vol. 24, No. 9Considering Race and Culture in Adoption Permanency Decisions

A recent webinar from AdoptUSKids, "The Importance of Race and Culture in Adoption Permanency Decisions," brought together child welfare and adoption experts to discuss the critical role of considering race and culture in adoption decisions, with a focus on Latino, Indigenous, and Black children in foster care. The event also featured a consultant with lived experience in transracial adoption who shared stories and strategies.

This webinar underscores that adoption permanency decisions should not only revolve around finding a permanent home but should prioritize a child's racial and cultural background and incorporate youth voice. The presenters highlighted the importance of recognizing and respecting the impact these aspects have on a child's identity and well-being. They also stressed the importance of recruiting adoptive parents who can provide a culturally competent and sensitive upbringing.

Presenters shared strategies on how agencies can improve the ways they engage in conversations about culture and race with adoptive parents, tips for incorporating a cultural and racial lens into their matching efforts, and ways organizations can improve their inclusion of communities of color and youth in their work.

The 90-minute webinar is available in full for free, along with detailed presentation slides, on the AdoptUSKids website.