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April 2024Vol. 25, No. 3New Resource Emphasizes Value of Parent Voice

A new webpage from ZERO to THREE explores how integrating parent voice into child welfare policy and practice can help families and children involved in the child welfare system.

It focuses on the perspectives of parent leaders from the ZERO to THREE Safe Babies program. Parent leaders are parents who have lived experience navigating the reunification process within the child welfare and family court systems, no longer have open cases, and now exemplify personal and family stability. For these reasons, parent leaders are uniquely qualified to do the following:

  • Provide guidance and support to families currently involved in the child welfare system
  • Affect positive system change at the community, state, and national levels by contributing their and representing a collective parent voice to help shape and transform programs and services

The resource links to a new ZERO to THREE publication, which emphasizes the notion that parent leaders are essential for strong child welfare systems. It also presents valuable insights from several parent leaders, one of whom appears in a short, 2-minute video highlighting the importance of parent voice.

To learn more, visit the ZERO to THREE website.